Every Shabbat and Jewish Holiday, we look at each other in disbelief as more and more students crowd through the doors, excited, energized and hungry for inspiration. Our only question is “where do we put them?”

We’ve got the students. We’ve got the location. We’ve got the positive vibe. We just don’t have the space.

At present, Chabad has one primary space that functions as the shul, the dining hall, the workshop space, the classroom, the meeting room and the party space. Often, within one evening, we have to shift the function of the space, forcing us to move furniture and alter the room set up while navigating the crowd. Needless to say, this is both challenging and exhausting.

Chabad Cornell needs to expand.

Thanks to generous donors, we purchased the house adjacent to  Chabad in 2016. The current vision is to demolish that building and expand the  current Chabad House from a total of 5,000 square feet to near 25,000 square feet.

We propose to accomplish this in two phases.